Importance Of Building Energy Efficient Roofing

Importance Of Building Energy Efficient Roofing

Energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects of your home. If you live in Dallas where the temperature can fluctuate from being extremely hot one day to a lot colder the next, maintaining your home’s energy efficiency is something that needs to be thought about throughout the entire year.

While it often goes overlooked, your home or business’ roof is one of the most crucial aspects of keeping your home energy efficient. In fact, your roof can be even more important than simply having new energy efficient windows or insulation installed. Here are a few benefit of building energy efficient roofing for Dallas homes and businesses:

Keep Temperatures Regulated For Lower Energy Costs

On hot days in Dallas, temperatures can reach the triple digits and the brunt of that heat does not ever reach your windows or home’s frame; it is directly impacted on the roof. As the sun shines down, your roof is the first barrier of defense that keeps all that hot air from entering in the summer. With an energy efficient roof installed, most of the heat from the sun is reflected off which means it’s easier to cool your home off in the summer.

In the winter, a good roof is not designed to keep hot air out, it’s to keep the warm air in your home inside. Roofs that are not energy efficient will leak warm air from your attic forcing you to run you heater more often than you need to.

Ultimately, an energy efficient roof will help you save on your electric and gas bill throughout the year by keeping temperatures where they should be, all year long.

Stay Protected From The Elements

In addition to providing regulated temperatures, a proper roof is designed to keep you and your property protected from the elements. On the winter days that it does snow in Dallas, having a roof that keeps any snow from building up and putting excess weight on your home is important for structural purposes. Additionally, keeping out any moisture when it rains will allow your home to function as efficiently as possible.

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