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Gutter Installation and replacement in Waxahachie TX

We can assist if you believe your gutters are in need of repair or replacement. Whether you are aware of the issue or not, you can rely on Moc Roofing to restore appropriate operation to your gutter system. 

For gutter repairs, Moc Roofing offers free estimates. If you are certain that your gutters do not require cleaning but rather some repairs in order to restore their functionality, please let us know. We will schedule a time to visit and give you a free estimate. 

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Do your gutters leak or overflow when it rains?

Your gutters or downspouts are probably clogged. Every time it rains, we remind our clients to check their gutters and downspouts. You may require a gutter cleaning if the downspout is clogged and there is little to no water flowing through it. You might possibly require some repairs, but to begin with, you definitely need a gutter cleaning. 

In most cases, we have to clean the gutters before we can do the repairs necessary. In some instances, clearing the trash first is necessary, even just to identify the repair. For example, if your gutters get clogged with debris and leaves, we won’t be able to see a damaged seal.

Gutter Repair

There are several frequent forms of Gutter Repairs including the requirement to change the pitch so that the water is draining in the right direction and the need for additional support if your gutters are drooping. We have you covered; you can always count on Moc roofing, no matter what the circumstance.


Gutter Installation

We deal with copper gutters and 5 or 6-inch Half-Round style gutters in addition to our specialty of 5 or 6-inch K-style seamless aluminum gutters. Make sure to provide your color and size if you are aware of them. If there are many trees in your neighborhood, Gutter Covers are also an option.

Installation of a splash guard

Problematic spots where water seems to shoot straight over the gutters can have splash guards built. It frequently affects steep roofs, metal roofs, and cedar roofs. Under valleys or seams in the roof, as well as other high-traffic locations where several portions of the roof converge, are other trouble spots where this frequently occurs.

Installation of a Fascia Board or Rake Board

The “Fascia Board” is the whiteboard to which your gutters are attached. This wood needs to be replaced every 10 to 20 years, depending on how well your gutters are maintained and how much water collects behind the gutters. It is impossible to repair a rotten or broken fascia board. It must be replaced if it is damaged.

Miter installation new

The gutter corner pieces known as gutter miters are used to allow gutters to wrap around corners. Most of the time, these can be resealed, but eventually, they get too damaged and need to be replaced.

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Please do not hesitate to reach us if you need a competent roofing contractor. To arrange service or for a free estimate, call 972.275.9365.