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Roof repair

Repair of a roof that has been damaged by the wind in TX

To address the most serious concerns, the specialists at Moc Roofing will propose a total roof repair. Roof repairs performed by our skilled personnel may extend the life of your roof and solve minor issues before they become serious ones.

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Contractors who specialize in wind damage repair

Are you in need of roof repair due to wind damage? It is not unusual for roofs to be damaged by strong winds. It may be exceptionally windy, to the point that shingles can be blown away, leaving the roof vulnerable to the elements. Strong winds can sweep away the vital weather barrier during a storm, causing severe damage if not repaired in a timely manner. The first step, though, is to establish the degree of the damage, which is where our experts come in!

Guaranteed Quality Work - No Stress - No Insurance Claims

Check for Wind Damage on Your Roof

A wind-damaged roof in Waxahachie can lead to more significant and costly repairs, so it must be treated as soon as possible. It will be a great advantage if the homeowner monitors the roofing system by regularly inspecting for damage. The structure of your roof is something you will want to pay special attention to.

Examine your backyard or grass for shingles or tiles that may have fallen from the roof. You should also ascend to the summit for a short glimpse of the roof. If you detect cracks or missing shingles, you will need to get an expert to fix them. You will especially need an expert if major pieces of the roof are damaged or missing. A tarp should be placed over any damaged sections until a professional roof repair company arrives to restore them.

The owners of the house will also want to look at their properties. Wind damage might also result in leaks on the interior. Look around carefully for evidence of water damage on the floor near the roof or in the ceiling. Generally, colorful patches and stains on the ceiling indicate roof damage that has resulted in water seepage, which should be remedied as soon as possible.

Do not Put Off Repairing Your Wind-Damaged Roof Any Longer.

In most cases of wind damage, they may be a quick repair without costing so much. Our roof repair and installation professionals deliver the finest wind damage repair regardless of the kind of roof.

If you sense that your roof has been damaged by the wind, give us a call immediately soon. We have the tools and knowledge to check your roof for damage. We will supply you with a remedy after the damage has been found, which in most situations, will be a permanent solution that will save you money in the long run. On the other hand, more widespread damage would necessitate costly repairs, which should be completed as soon as possible to avoid future damage.

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More than merely a wind-damaged roof is repaired by us. Our reputable workers have the necessary skills and knowledge required to address any sort of roof damage, whether it is for a house or a commercial building. We can also work with your insurance carrier to make sure the damage is repaired quickly and within budget, putting the least amount of financial strain on you. Call us immediately to get your roof inspected for wind damage or to get a quote for additional repairs!


Please do not hesitate to reach us if you need a competent roofing contractor. To arrange service or for a free estimate, call 972.275.9365.