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Please do not hesitate to reach us if you need a competent roofing contractor. To arrange service or for a free estimate, call 972-275-9365.


Industrial roofing in TX

MOC Roofing is a leading commercial roofing company that provides dependable industrial roof replacement services all over the world. We provide comprehensive roofing services for all sorts of roofs, including new and existing roofs, and also installation, repair, restoration, replacement, and consultancy.

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Contractor for Industrial Roofing In TX

Are you seeking experienced industrial roofing contractors who are completely licensed and can handle all of your roofing issues? Do water stains, curling, and cracked shingles keep you awake at night worrying about mold infiltrating your industrial facility? Then worry no more.

We will be able to assist you!

For almost a decade, MOC Roofing has provided top-tier industrial roofing services to many homeowners and commercial structures of all kinds. We have continued to give the most incredible, most expert skylight installation, roof repair, roof coating, maintenance, and roof replacement services, among other things, to our clients throughout the years. We also provide guidance to our clients on matters such as selecting the appropriate roofing materials for their budget.


Are you living in a house with a lot of single-tenant and multi-tenant industrial units that need roof repairs or replacements done right away? In any case, we are frequently the industrial roofing company of choice for property owners who rely on us to provide top-notch service while staying within their budget.

Our industrial roofing services are dependable and reasonable for businesses of all sizes. We employ incredibly skilled roofers with several years of experience in the industry, making sure that no matter how large the industrial roof or the degree of the damage, our crew can manage it. Some industrial roof repair operations, on the other hand, may take longer than others.

We can also assist firms in selecting the most appropriate, long-lasting, and energy-efficient industrial roof. Many manufacturing plants, for example, might consider Cool Roof, an energy-efficient coating system that, when paired with skylights, solar fans, and solar tubes, may save up to 30% on energy expenses.

We Use Up-to-Date Tools and Techniques While Working To Produce The Best Results Possible

Our team employs the most up-to-date technologies and procedures to enhance and speed up different elements of industrial roofing in general. Whether it is cleaning, locating roof issues, or repairing ripped metal roof components, the procedures we employ assure a quick resolution to the problem without jeopardizing the (roof’s) longevity or visual appeal.

Industrial Inspection and Maintenance by Professionals

When we are contacted to repair an industrial roof or offer are roofing quote, one of the first things we do is check it. We would check the whole roof in a systematic manner, even if it were previously repaired or erected by someone else. On the other hand, our method has shown to be effective in determining what is wrong with the roof so that we can determine the best strategy to fix it over time. It also aids us in providing the most accurate industrial roofing quote possible.

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There are a lot of alternatives when it comes to industrial roofing contractors. However, go no further than us if you want the most knowledgeable, dedicated, and cost-effective industrial roofing service. Moc Roofing has a reputation for offering high-quality, low-cost roofing services with the most remarkable customer service money can buy. If you need a free estimate, or you want to schedule a meeting with us for our unrivaled roofing services, give us a call today.


Please do not hesitate to reach us if you need a competent roofing contractor. To arrange service or for a free estimate, call 972.275.9365.